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Comparing and Contrasting Two Similar Folktales From Different Cultures

courtesy of Dr. Bob Wortman, Associate Professor of Practice at University of Arizona College of Education

Member of the Arizona Reading Association's Board 

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Cinderella Variants
Cinderella tales are told across many countries and cultures. And many contemporary authors have written parodies on this story. It is a simple task to compare and contrast the elements of story found in these tales. Most students are familiar with some version
(usually the Disney movie!) It is well worth instructional time to support students in making text-to-text connections. The study of Cinderella variants can lead to a great deal of discussion, deep reading and writing that is required by Arizona College and Career
Ready Standards at all grade levels. Of course, there are variants of mostfolktales (ie. Sleeping Beauty, Gingerbread Man, Red Riding Hood, etc.)

Story Structures
The Elements of Story in all fiction are : Characters, Plot and Setting. When a studentsees a title and an illustration and scans a text, it is critical that they ascertain if that text s narrative or expository. Reading literary text requires the reader to notice those
elements of characters, plot and setting. Whereas texts that are expository/nonfiction/informational require readers to read for main ideas and important details. Students are asked across all grade levels to examine story structures and utilize them
seamlessly in their writing. They are asked to compare and contrast plots, characters
and settings.

Fairy Tales as a Genre
Fairy tales are accessible tales for most children from any background. They utilize predictable narrative styles and dialogue that student connect with easily. They are worth several weeks of genre study. Fairy tales as a genre should conjure up concepts such as good versus evil, quests, princesses, castles, knights, dragons, witches, etc. All of the literary devices used in the classic high school texts of Hawthorne, Poe, and the like can be examined within fairy tales.

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